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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a box?

Each box is an experience that allows both the adult and child to be hands on in creating a craft, while also learning the importance of giving back and helping others. Along with the supplies and instructions for creating the final craft to be donated, each box contains materials for teaching children on who, why, and how they are helping. Each child will also receive a collectible button and certificate of achievement that can help them remember how they helped for years to come!

How does Little Loving Hands choose the craft activity and the organizations to spotlight?

We spend a lot of time finding a mix of organizations that focus on different causes and are in need of large donations to help them make a bigger impact. We focus on causes that would be most appropriate for children to be exposed to and understand. Our team then works closely with the organizations to determine the items in demand. Using this information, our creative team develops kits that balance the organizations' requirements along with ensuring crafts that are fun and age-appropriate.

How difficult are the crafts?

Our creative team, which includes teachers who engage daily with children, focuses on making crafts that allow the littlest loving hands to have a truly hands-on experience. While we focus on making them simple, we also build the activities to allow engagement of the caretaker to help with some steps. Our goal is to make this a joint experience that is fun, but also one that reinforces the message of giving back.

How do I donate my finished craft to the organization? Is there a deadline?

Each Little Loving Hands box contains a pre-paid return envelope for you to donate your completed craft. There is no set deadline and we will always forward along your items to the organization in need.

I have a large group that wants to do this, what's the best way of organizing?

You can either encourage everyone to purchase their own boxes or contact us at [email protected] to place a bulk order. Many parents and leads of organizations have hosted events where a group of kids work together on the crafts. We call these Purposeful Playdates™ and would love to help provide you with tips on how to plan these gatherings.

Is there a way to see who actually receives my donation?

You will always receive a confirmation when we receive and send your contribution to the spotlighted organization. Due to privacy concerns, we are limited at the moment and can't provide details of the recipient; however, we’re working on some solutions!

Is my purchase tax deductible?

Once we receive your item using the pre-paid envelope and hand it off to the organization in need, we will forward along any in-kind letter/receipt that they provide us. You can use this to report your contribution accordingly.

I want to donate more than just the craft to the spotlighted organization. How can I do so?

Each box will contain more information about the organization and ways for you to donate to them directly. When you do, please let them know that you learned about them through Little Loving Hands. We are also working on a feature to allow you to do so directly from your account on the website.

What if I mess up and the end product isn't something I want to donate?

First off, don't be so hard on yourself! We've made the crafts fairly simple to complete and part of what makes each final item unique is what you put into them! If you still feel that you don't want to send your item through, then simply keep the craft and try again when you are ready.

Do you have gift options?

Yes! This is a gift that extends the meaning of giving. We have several gift options that you can select from.

How can I reinforce learning and make sure my kids understand?

Every box contains a number of items that will help you reinforce the "what, how, why, and who" of the activity. The children are often most excited about the collectible buttons and certificate of achievements. We also include questions that you can ask your child at a later time to remind them of the activity.

Do you have a subscription option to receive a different box every month?

No. We used to offer this, but now offer a catalog of boxes so that you can select exactly which causes to support at your convienence.

What if I am an organization that wants to be spotlighted?

Please contact us - [email protected] - and let's start talking! We love to learn about new organizations and causes!

Still have questions?
We're here to answer all of them, we promise.

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