Receive a monthly experience delivered to your door to create a craft that gives back to an organization in need.
Engage with your child to make amazing crafts while teaching them the importance of who, why, and how they are helping.
Using the pre-paid return envelope, send your child's finished craft (made with love!) as a donation to those in need.

Crafts for a Cause

Every month, a new spotlight organization and craft, with all the materials and inspiration for kids to create, learn, and donate to a worthy cause.

The purchase of every box can be submitted for charitable tax-deduction.

This Month:
Lemonade Stand

Help fight childhood cancer with your own lemonade stand!

At age 4, Alexandra "Alex" Scott (1996-2004) started her own lemonade stand to raise money to fight childhood cancer. You will help the foundation bearing her name, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, to continue her dream of curing childhood cancer by making lemonade and special gifts for her cause.

Spotlight Organization:
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has evolved into a national fundraising movement that has raised more than $140 million to help fulfill Alex's dream of curing cancer in children.

August Recap:
Superhero Kids

Help sick kids battle their illnesses with a special package of superhero gifts!

You will make a paddleball game, colorful spinner, and hero mobile that will be used by Gamerosity to inspire kids battling cancer. Your unique crafts will remind sick kids that they are the real superheroes as they battle their illnesses.

Spotlight Organization:
Gamerosity helps children fighting cancer by sending hero packages, which are filled with fun toys, games, and crafts. These hero packages help sick children get thru the roughest, most difficult times of their lives.

July Recap:
Puppy Love

Create a leash and treat bag to be given to an adopted dog!

You will make a fun dog leash and an adorable treat bag to be used by Friends of Homeless Animals to gift to an adopted dog. Your creations will be cherished by a forever family that adopts a dog from this animal shelter, helping them show love and care to their new furry family member.

Spotlight Organization:
Friends of Homeless Animals is an animal shelter that provides food, shelter, medical care, and love to abandoned dogs and cats. For the past four decades, this organization has saved tens of thousands of animals and placed them in forever homes.

June Recap:
Beach Fun in the Summer

Make fun beach items that will be sent to a youth center child to enjoy this summer!

You will decorate an inflatable beach ball and a pair of flip flops that will be gifted to the gang-affected children of A Place Called Home. Your gifts will be enjoyed by kids during trips to the beach, where they can feel safe and have fun in the summer time, away from their normal daily hardships.

Spotlight Organization:
A Place Called Home is a youth center in South Central Los Angeles that helps gang-affected children. Each year, this organization provides a safe place for over 1,000 children to build bonds with caring adults and receive counseling for the hardships they endure.

May Recap:
Touched by an Angel

Help build an orphanage and send a personalized note to a child that will call it their home.

Little Loving Hands will donate proceeds from every box sold to build orphanages for impoverished children in India via Angel House. You will make a personalized card that will be sent to the children moving into the new orphanage built with these proceeds. You will also create a cute coin bank to help collect additional funds for your preferred charity.

Spotlight Organization:
Angel House builds orphanages for children in India. To date, over 120 orphanages have been built to provide food, education, supplies, and love to over 2,800 children.

April Recap:
Theater Props for Make Believe

Help a sick child recreate the magic of theater with creative props.

Your unique crafts will be added to a trunk full of props that will be used by Only Make Believe to put on theater shows for sick kids recovering in hospitals and care centers. You will make a pair of maracas and a bling necklace to help a sick child play make believe to help ease their recovery.

Spotlight Organization:
Only Make Believe sends a team of actors to act out fun shows at hospitals for children fighting serious illnesses and disabilities. They currently operate in New York and Washington DC, and are working to expand to more cities in the US.

March Recap:
Happy Birthday Celebration

Help celebrate a sheltered child's birthday with a handmade set of presents.

You will help Present Now create a Presence of Being box for a child recovering from domestic violence. Your cute creations will be gifted to a sheltered child on their birthday, to remind them how important they are on their special day.

Spotlight Organization:
Present Now provides specialty items to disadvantaged children with the hope to bring them joy, comfort, and relief during a time of crisis. They have delivered over 1,000 gifts to children in shelters in order to help them and their mothers heal.

February Recap:
Monkey Business

Send fun and hope to a child in need with a personalized monkey toy.

You will design and customize a card and silly monkey toy for Operation Sock Monkey! Your special toy will be sent to a child struggling thru humantarian challenges, and provide them hope for brighter days ahead.

Spotlight Organization:
Operation Sock Monkey supports humanitarian organizations to provide laughter, hope, and healing to communities affected by disease, disaster, and social turmoil. Their monkeys are sent to children around the world, including the United States, China, and Australia.

January Recap:
Super Hero Capes

Help make an orphaned child feel strong and special, like a super hero!

You will make and decorate a bright super hero cape for a child supported by The Miracle Foundation. Your one-of-a-kind creation will bring strength, hope, and laughter to an orphaned child - to let them know they are special and loved.

Spotlight Organization:
The Miracle Foundation brings life-changing care to orphanages around the world. They provide nutritious food, medical equipment, priceless education, and loving housemothers to orphaned children.

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